UNI EN ISO 9001:2015

Vertical Twin-Spindle Lathe VL Evo Series

With a view to continuous development and improvement of their products, Sistech proposes, to complete its range of solutions, the Twin-Spindle Turning Centres series VL Evo with opposed vertical-axis spindles. 
Produced in 3 different sizes, these machines cover a dimensional working range of up to 800 mm diameter, with permissible swing over carriage of Ø 900 mm.
The many configurations possible for the turning centres series VLxx make them suitable for machining pieces with extremely different characteristics and with the possibility of completing normal turning operations with milling, drilling, rigid tapping and other typical machining centre operations.
This enables our customers to obtain FINISHED pieces using just one machine.


The Turning Centres series VL Evo machine parts in 2 distinct steps carried out as follows:
   - 1st vertical axis SPINDLE with spindle nose pointing downwards
     > Blank is loaded-picked up from magazine
     > Mechanical Machining in OP10 (1st spindle)
     > Passage of the machined piece to the 2nd spindle
   - 2nd vertical axis SPINDLE  with spindle nose pointing upwards
     > Receives the workpiece from the 1st Spindle
     > Completion of the Mechanical Machining in OP20 (subspindle)
     > Workpiece unloaded to the outfeed conveyor

In the zone between the 2 spindles specific units for heavy roughing operations or multiple drilling/tapping heads can be applied.
All the machines are designed for loading and unloading pieces with anthropomorphic robots, or they can be fitted with turrets with an automatic tool changer (version with CAPTO tool holder). 
The control units used with these machines are made up of CNC packets + Motors + FANUC or SIEMENS drives. User interface made by Sistech with customised HMI. Set up for Industry 4.0.

Each machine, on request, can be fitted with a number of devices such as:
   - Power Monitoring for the tools
   - Sensor for definition of work origins
   - Optical lines on saddles of the linear axes
   - Clamping equipment for special pieces
   - Internal high-pressure Tool Cooling (50 bar)
   - Chiller for controlling the temperature of the coolant

Special applications are available on request.