UNI EN ISO 9001:2015

Friction Welding Machines

Sistech has introduced this latest technology into its semi-standard product range due to strong market demand.

This new series of friction welding machines are characterised by being fully electric machines, in keeping with the Sistech tradition. 

Machine features:
 - Spindle motor up to 50 kW - 2500 rpm (S1)
 - Electric forging axis up to 30 Ton, Torque motor 40 kW - 750 Nm (S1)
 - Hydraulic centre chuck up to 10 Ton for workpiece clamping
 - Turning tool (optional)
 - Turning steady rest (optional)

Workpiece dimensions machinable
 - Shaft diameters from ø15 to ø60 mm.
 - Rotating shaft length max 400 mm
 - Fixed shaft length max 800 mm

Like all Sistech products, this new product can be integrated with the latest monitoring and control systems, Industry 4.0 ready.

It is possible to integrate the machine into a complete automatic plant with robots and workpiece loading/unloading magazines.